Joint Ease Massage Oil – 50ml


  • Joints Ease Massage Oil
  • 50ml bottle
  • ready to use straight out of the bottle
  • blended with a Grapeseed base oil

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Rosemary, Ginger and Geranium essential oils are the basis for this Joints Ease massage oil. This special blend combines the three essential oils, offering a high analgesic massage oil which is perfect for those who are suffering from aches, pains and arthritis.

As a topical application to heal skin and reduce pain and inflammation, Rosemary is the perfect essential oil. Ginger essential oil is made up from 90% sesquiterpenes. These are defensive agents which offer antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Geranium oil can lower and even prevent inflammatory responses in the skin, helping to tackle many health issues such as arthritis.

As a natural remedy, this massage oil is ideal for holistic self-care routines. Simply massage the oil into affected areas like knees, hands, or lower back for soothing relief. The warming sensation from the ginger promotes increased circulation. Meanwhile, the aromatherapy benefits of rosemary and geranium create a calming ambiance. For best results, use the oil regularly after exercise or at bedtime to loosen tightness and relax the body. You’ll find it’s the perfect complement to your wellness practices.

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