Can You Damage Your Ear Drums With Earplugs?

Have you ever worn earplugs? Questioned whether they might be doing you more harm, than good? Well the answer is yes. It is indeed possible to damage your eardrums with earplugs!

A lot of us use earplugs when we are trying to block out noises or are present in a noisy environment. While it may seem harmless putting foam or silicone plugs into your ears, using earplugs incorrectly can lead to damage.

One common way to harm your eardrums with earplugs is, just by inserting them into the ear canal. When pushed in too far they can create pressure on the eardrum causing discomfort and a feeling of fullness in the ear. This can also affect the bones in the ear resulting in hearing loss or even tinnitus.

Using earplugs excessively can also damage your eardrums. Even if you use the plugs and insert them correctly, constant pressure can harm the delicate structures inside your ears. If you frequently rely on earplugs remember to allow your ears some time to rest in between uses.

Another potential hazard for earplug wearers is the increased likelihood of ear infections. When your earplugs are not fitted properly or are used for too long at one time, moisture can get trapped in your ear canal. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to painful infections such as swimmer’s ear.

Finally, it’s important to note that not all earplugs are created equal. Make sure you’re using earplugs that are designed for the purpose of blocking noise. Some earplugs are designed for swimming or listening to music, and are not necessarily the best for sleeping or for blocking out noise.

Photo by Mark Paton on Unsplash

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This post was last updated in July 2023.

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