Aqua Ears Turtle Earplugs

Aqua Ears Turtle Earplugs – 3 Pairs

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These Aqua Ears soft silicone earplugs are designed especially for children. Knowing how much kids hate to get water in their ears, these earplugs will make them happy. Now they can go swimming and keep their ears dry at the same time.

The earplugs feature a friendly turtle on each one. Your child is sure to love them!

These earplugs a Noise Reduction Rating of 22dB and are ideal for swimming, bathing, studying and loud events such as music festivals and fireworks night.

For many children it is important that we protect their hearing in many situations. These Mickey Mouse Aqua Ears earplugs offer the perfect way for your child to protect their hearing.

These Aqua Ears Turtle Earplugs are sold in 3 pairs with a handy little carry case that is ideal for your child’s swim bag.

  • Helps to prevent Swimmer’s Ear by keeping water out of the ears
  • Universal fit – one size fits all
  • Carrying case included


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