Why CCS Swedish Foot Cream is so Popular

The reason CCS Foot Cream is so popular is because it works! In fact, it’s one of the world’s bestselling foot creams for hard, rough, dry skin.

Most of us at one time or another have experienced dry skin on our feet. The reason your feet have become rough and dry is lack of moisture, and the easy remedy to this problem is to use a good quality foot cream. Moisturising your feet on a regular basis, particularly your heels, is just part of a healthy foot-care routine. We highly recommend using CCS Foot Cream to keep your feet soft and moisturised.

For more than 10 years, podiatry professionals the world over have been using and recommending CCS Swedish Foot Cream, simply because it’s an extremely effective product for treating dry, hard, rough skin on the feet. It’s also the ideal cream to use as a general, everyday foot cream, to prevent skin problems occurring in the first place. Hard, dry, cracked skin on heels not only looks unattractive, it can also become quite painful if not treated.

The purpose of using CCS Foot Cream is that it’s an effective skin moisturiser, capable of sustaining the ideal skin condition of your feet. Use this cream as a preventative, or if you already have problem skin on your feet, use it to eliminate the problem and then maintain beautiful soft skin with continued use. If your heels are rough, dry, or split, you may initially need to use this cream in conjunction with a pumice stone or other dry skin re-remover, then revert to using the cream as a preventative once the condition has cleared.

CCS Foot Cream is produced in Sweden and has been a worldwide best seller for more than 10 years.

How to Use

Massage CCS Foot Cream into your feet twice daily to start with, then use the cream on a regular basis once your feet and heels feel soft and smooth. When used consistently, the skin on your feet will feel smooth, soft, and in tiptop condition.

Our Suggestion

For best results, we suggest using CCS Foot Cream first thing in the morning (preferably straight after your bath or shower) and again just before going to bed. This will help you create a routine that’s easy to follow.

Various Tube Sizes of CCS Swedish Foot Cream

60ml Tube of CCS Foot Cream

This is possibly the best choice for people purchasing this footcare cream for the first time. There will be enough cream for regular use to determine if it works well for you. The 60ml tube is the perfect size to start with and for those who will be using it infrequently.

CCS Heel Balm Cream 75g

If the skin on your heels is hard and dry, then we suggest you try the CCS Heel Balm Cream. This is a highly concentrated cream containing urea, which is the main active ingredient.

CCS Foot Cream Tubes 175ml Tube

If you’re using this cream on a regular basis and you’re looking for a larger tube, this would be your best option. Note that the 175ml is simply a larger version of the popular 60ml tube.

CCS Footcare Cream 1 Kg with Reusable Dispenser Pump

For regular CCS Foot Cream users, this is definitely the best value for money. The pump mechanism gives you just the right amount of cream, which can be particularly useful.

CCS Foot Cream from Zoom Health

Is CCS Swedish Foot Cream Suitable for All Users?

The key ingredient in the CCS Foot Cream range is urea, and while urea is 100% synthetic, there are people who are allergic to urea at certain concentrations. Stable fats are used as the emollient in CCS creams, making the product easy to apply. All that’s required is clean, dry skin.
o These creams are hypoallergenic, which means diabetics can safely use them; however, as with all health products, it’s best to start using this cream with caution.

Most Efficient Way to Use CCS Swedish Foot Cream

Any effective footcare routine will involve using moisturising cream on the feet and heels on a regular basis. If the skin on your heels is hard and dry, you may choose to use the Scholl Pedi hard skin remover to start with, followed by a massage with CCS Foot Cream. It won’t be long before the skin on your feet and heels return to its soft and supple state. Please refer to our hard skin removal guide for further advice.

We know you’ll love the feel of your feet once you’ve tried CCS Swedish Foot Cream. This is an extremely popular cream, used around the world to restore tough, dry, and hardened skin back to its useful, smooth appearance

Ingredient List for CCS Swedish Foot Cream

Liquidum Glycerin
Aqua Paraffinum
Stearyl Alcohol
Cetyl Alcohol
Benzalkonium Chloride
Myrtrimonium Bromide
Eucalyptus Globulus
Lactic Acid

Photo by Jan Romero on Unsplash

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