Sleepy Lavender Massage Oil


  • 100ml Sleepy massage oil
  • Lavender & Marjoram Essential Oils
  • Blended with Grapeseed Oil.
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With Lavender and Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils

Sleepy Lavender massage oil is blended to place you into a completely relaxed state that is ideal for sleep. The blend of oils will help reduce stress related conditions and headaches before gently lulling you into a restful sleep.

Many people will be aware that Lavender essential oil can be a great aid in helping us get to sleep. This is not just hearsay, science is beginning to show that this claim is more than just an Old Wives Tale. Just recently. the effectiveness of Lavender in helping us sleep has been studied extensively

Insomnia is the most common of all sleep complaints and one study carried out in the UK in 2005 showed encouraging results in using the aroma of Lavender oil for better sleep. A second study showed that inhalation of lavender and several other essential oils improved sleep qualify of 56 ICU patients.

It’s plain to see that Lavender has been proven by science to pack a impressive punch in the sleep department!

This oil blend is ready to use for a massage without needing any further dilution. Alternatively add a few drops to the bath for a wonderful aromatic experience.

Ingredients: Lavender and Marjoram Essential Oils blended in Grapeseed Oil.


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