Quies Mini Foam Earplugs


  • Quies Mini Foam Earplugs
  • 3 Pairs with storage case
  • Recommended for people with a small or sensitive ear canals
  • Very comfortable for prolonged use
  • Smaller diameter and shorter length than classic plugs
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Quies Mini Foam Earplugs effectively protect against noise when you have sensitive ears or a narrower ear canal.

These earplugs are made with a slowly expanding foam for an ultra comfortable wearing. The expansion of Quies Mini foams is thus very smooth, without any feeling of pressure. Slightly smaller than standard foam earplugs, Quies Mini foams have an ergonomic shape that allows for easy fitting and good support in the ear. Their extra soft texture is suitable for the most sensitive ear canals.

Noise reduction: 33 dB, Single-use plugs.

How to use Quies Mini Foam Earplugs

Gently roll the stopper with your perfectly clean fingers to make it as thin as possible. Insert the compressed plug into the ear canal. Pull the earlobe backwards to expel air from the ear canal. Hold the plug until it swells and is held inside the ear canal.

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