Needle Pack 2 x 20 | 21G Green, 23G Blue | for Injection Cycles


  • 40 Needle Pack
  • 20 Blue Injection Needles (1.25″ 30mm)
  • 20 Green Drawing Needles (1.5″ 40mm)
  • CE marked, individually wrapped sterile needles
  • Universal design
  • Will fit all Luer lock and Luer slip syringes made for detachable needles.
  • Discreet Packaging
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Looking for high-quality needles for TRT and steroid injections? Look no further than this 20 pair pack of needles, which includes 20 blue injection needles and 20 green drawing needles. The blue 23G needles are the standard size for such injections, and all needles included in this set are disposable, long bevel luer lock hypodermic needles.

Precision is key when it comes to any kind of injection, and these needles deliver just that. They feature a precision lancet point according to ISO 9626, with an exact, smooth bevel cut. Additionally, the needle tube is treated with an innovative anti-coring treatment, and the needle and skin penetration load is consistently low. As an added bonus, these needles are regularly biomechanically and clinically analysed to ensure top-notch product quality.

When you purchase this 20 pair pack, you can rest easy knowing that all needles are sterile and have a shelf life of five years after sterilisation. Included in the package are 20 23G blue injection needles that measure 1.25″ (30mm) and 20 21G green drawing needles that measure 1.5″ (40mm). Whether you’re a medical professional or just need reliable needles for your personal use, this pack is an excellent choice.

This combination is also available in a larger, 200 needle pack.

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