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Loud music at concerts, outdoor music festivals, clubs and parties is all part of the fun of a day or night out, but the volume can leave you with ringing, sore ears when the fun comes to an end. Over time, repeated exposure to loud music can actually damage your hearing. Earplugs can help to reduce the risk of damage and keep your ears feeling good; however, ordinary earplugs can detract from your appearance and are often uncomfortable to wear. Who wants to deal with that when it’s time to party?

Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are designed differently and the better choice for your hearing protection needs.

Made to Party

A Red Dot Award-wining design, the Alpine PartyPlug earplug was made specifically for situations like concerts, parties and music festivals. Completely reusable, the earplugs come with a carrying case that makes them easy to take along in your pocket and bag, so that you have them at the ready when the music starts to play. The earplugs are sold in sets, making it easy to get complete ear protection. Free of silicone, the earplugs have a soft, pleasing texture, and they are 100 percent hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin.

Optimal Protection for Music Lovers

Ordinary earplugs make it hard for you to hear conversations and reduce the quality of sound. With Alpine PartyPlug earplugs, noise levels are decreased by 25 decibels, yet you can still hear conversations and enjoy the full quality of music. This is made possible by the AlpineAcousticFilters which allow some sound to pass through while blocking harmful vibration. The conical filter is unique to the Alpine PartyPlug and sets it apart from every other ear protection option on the market.

Ultra Comfortable Design

With Alpine PartyPlug earplugs, you won’t be distracted by your hearing protection throughout the night. The AlpineThermoShape material is ergonomically designed to fit the unique shape of your ear canal, and the earplug is air permeable, eliminating that unpleasant stuffy feeling that is common with other earplugs. Two flexible slats on the sides form a tight seal to ensure effectiveness without compromising your comfort. Because the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs fit so comfortably, you might even forget you’re wearing them during the party.

Look Your Best

No one wants to wear unsightly earplugs when they’re clubbing, enjoying a party or dancing at a concert. That’s why the Alpine PartyPlug earplug has a very discreet design. The short stem of the earplugs allows them to disappear into the ear canal while remaining easy to retrieve. The earplug is transparent and this style is practically invisible once inserted.

Enjoy the music to the fullest and avoid the problems of ringing, painful ears once the concert or party comes to an end. Protect your hearing while having fun in Alpine PartyPlug earplugs. Order these discreet, comfortable earplugs today and discover how much better hearing protection can be.

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