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The Original DownBeats earplugs filter noise without muffling, making them the perfect high fidelity earplugs for gigs and concerts. They lower sound levels moderately and evenly and are low-profile for subtle, in-ear wear.

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If you are looking for the perfect earplugs for concerts, then you will not go wrong with these DownBeats Earplugs, designed to offer the killer concert experience you want without killing your ears.

These earplugs are high-fidelity sound filters which ensure a clear, balanced sound experience without the painful highs and lows, annoying background noise or sonic hangover later. These DownBeats earplugs are supplied in a PURPLE coloured durable aluminum case. If you want your earplugs in a different coloured case, we also offer these DownBeats in a BLACK or BLUE case.

These DownBeats are both comfortable and reusable, soft, silicone flanges mould to you ear canals for a perfect fit every time you use them. They also filter without muffling, reducing noise evenly across frequencies for a natural sound without distorted highs or lows.

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