Moldex Earplugs

Moldex offers a wide range of disposable earplugs. Their disposable earplugs are made from soft PU-foam which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to insert.

Many of our customers will only use Moldex earplugs. Why? Well, they like the fact that they are made from extra-light, extra soft foam. This makes them easy t wear. In fact Moldex often boast that “they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing earplugs!”

Another reason for the popularity of Moldex Earplugs is the fact that they are contoured. This allows them to gently seal the ear canal, without pressure. This creates a snug fit. Also, the smooth surface of these earplugs means that they won’t irritate the inside of your ear when you wear them.

Moldex: A Respected Name in Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing protection, Moldex is the only name you need to know. Moldex has become one of the world’s most respected and recognised names in the Work Safe industry. Moldex is proud of their reputation for products that represent comfort, value, and quality.

Hearing safety and protection is vitally important for all industrial workers, and Moldex’s simple and cost-effective products protect all ears shapes from harmful sound levels. All Moldex earplugs provide unequalled protection from workplace noise, and they’re extremely comfortable to wear. In addition, for extra savings they can be purchased in bulk – ideal for large workforces.


Moldex Rockets are personal-issue earplugs – they’re reusable and offer high attenuation. To ensure an easy and snug fit into the ear canal, Rockets are manufactured from a super-soft silicon-type material, delivering maximum long-term comfort. Their brightly coloured appearance makes it easy to check for compliance, and Rockets can be hygienically stored in their own pocket pack when not in use. Fully washable, Rockets have a built-in insertion/extraction handle and come with a lanyard cord for simple storage when not in use. Moldex Rockets fully conform to EN-352-2.


Moldex Comets are reusable, personal-issue earplugs that have been designed to protect the wearer from lower noise levels. They’re manufactured from a super-soft silicon-type material, and the end of the earplug has a clever green-coloured ‘finger fit’ moulding for not only making it super-easy for the wearer to correctly install the earplugs, but also for supervisors who are required to conduct compliance checks. Moldex Comets fully conform to UN352-2. 

Spark Plugs

Moldex Spark Plugs are single-use earplugs with an extremely high attenuation rating. Manufactured from soft polyurethane foam, these earplugs can be reduced in size by gently rolling between the thumb and finger. Once inserted, the air plug will gently expand to fill the user’s ear profile. Moldex Spark Plugs are uniquely designed to provide a good fit across a wide range of ear-canal sizes; they also prevent ‘creeping’, which often occurs from jaw movement when earplugs are used over a long period of time. Multi-coloured Moldex Spark Plugs have a nice smooth finish; they have a high level of comfort, and their bright colour aids with compliance checking. These earplugs fully conform to EN352-2.