Melissa Blend Essential Oil 10ml


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Latin Name: None – Natural Blend.
Source: Mixed.
Extraction Method: N/A.

Melissa blend is a special mixture of fractionated essential oils designed to have the same fragrance profile and properties as true Melissa Oil. True Melissa is extremely expensive.

The exact formulation of this oil is a closely guarded secret but the contents of the oil are as follows :

An old Greek cure that has generated hype over the years, Melissa Essential Oil is steam-refined oil from the flowers of the Melissa officinalis plant, a favorite of honeybees. Actually, the name “Melissa” is the Greek name for “honeybee”! This oil contains effective antiviral properties that have been proven to prevent the penetration of virus before it enters healthy body cells. It is additionally has strong sedative and anti-stress capabilities. Though this garden herb is quite common, the genuine essential oil is uncommon as the yield is low. Every summer season we receive our annual reserve of this valuable, sweet-smelling, restorative oil. Known as Melissa, Lemon Balm, Bee Oil, and Heart’s Delight or by some other name, it is a standout amongst the most calming, sweet-smelling, effective anti-viral medicine we have available. Steam-refined from a plant loved by honeybees, Melissa oil has for many centuries served as an effective remedy for a wide range of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional ailments.

The Melissa oil is made up of 60% phenylpropanoid, a substance that aids in the fortification of cell structure in the human body. Melissa oil is believed to aid individual cells shield itself from intruders and prevent viruses from penetrating healthy body cells. Hence, this oil has been generally recognized as a great resource for fighting herpes infection or influenza infection.

Notwithstanding its capacity to protect against viral intruders, Melissa oil has great sedative and calming properties. Aside from calming emotions, Melissa oil has also been used for general treatment such as; reversing inflammation, easing muscle spasms, calming convulsions and treating vertigo.

On an emotional and spiritual level, Melissa oil gives a strong dose of energy for any individual suffering from depression, stress, heartache, fear or shock. Actually, in ancient times, fighting men were said to inhale the aroma of Melissa to calm their nerves when they return from battle.


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