Mack’s Shooters Covert Ops Earplugs – 7 pairs


The Advantages Of Mack’s Shooters Earplugs:

  • For excellent comfort, these earplugs are constructed with smooth, low-pressure foam
  • Difficult to spot black foam and excellent sound blockage
  • Excellent protection for shotgun sports, tactical training, shooting, and so much more
  • A tough aluminum case will keep your earplugs safe when moving about
  • NRR 32 Protection from noise

Mack’s Shooters Covert Ops NRR 32 Earplugs:

These superbly constructed Mack’s earplugs will protect your ears from loud noises including gunshots and other blasting sounds that can damage your hearing. Adding to protection from noises, they are extremely comfortable to wear with their high-quality, low-pressure foam that is very smooth to engulf your ears properly.

Not only are these earplugs constructed with the finest materials, they are very discreet and very inexpensive. Included with the earplugs is a tough aluminum keychain to carry a few pairs with you wherever you go. You just don’t know when you might need to protect your hearing!

Mack’s Shooters Covert Opts Earplugs are specially designed for shooting ranges, shotgun sports, tactical training, competitions, and events. Because of their excellent comfort and ability to block out noises, they are perfect for a wide range of activities. These earplugs are a preferred choice for those attending NASCAR as well. Keep in mind, lower sounds, such as voices, might be difficult to hear when wearing these earplugs.

Due to their ability to block out noises, always be aware of your surroundings and always use safety measures when participating in shooting activities.


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