Haspro Earplugs Tube – Blue


  • 50 Pairs of Haspro Earplugs in Tube
  • Suitable for: – Sleep / Travelling / Study / Relaxing
  • Earplug Size: 6mm > 12mm
  • Colour: Blue
  • Also in: Mint Green, Pink and Yellow
  • with matching Carry Case

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This is a fantastic tube of 50 earplugs from Haspro, in a distinctive blue colour. We find these to be extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods. This is because they are made from a delicate polyurethane foam, which ensure a pleasant and effective fit in your ear. It only takes a few seconds to put these earplugs in and to benefit from the noise-reducing capabilities of this great noise blockers.

Value for Money Earplug Tube

You will find 50 individually wrapped Haspro earplugs in each of these tubs. This makes them  handy to drop in your bag or pocket so that you always have ear protection with you, even on the go. Each tube also has a travel box inside, which is in the same colour blue as the earplugs themselves.

Best Level of Noise Protection

If you want the best level of noise protection from your earplugs, you won’t go too far wrong with these ones. Haspro foam earplugs have a protection rating of up to 38dB. This makes them one of the most effective foam earplugs on the market for blocking out noise.

Eco Friendly Tube

Haspro earplug tubes are made from recycled card. When you have used the last earplugs from the tube, we encourage you to continue the useful life of the product by using it for something else rather than just disposing of it. The empty tube can make an attractive  desk tidy for your pens or pencils, for example.

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