Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion – 60 ml


  • Waterproof, Fragrance and Colourant free, Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t wash or rub off – shed by skin cells after 2-3 hours
  • Protects from drying effects of soaps ,detergents, chemicals, alcohol gels, dirt and grime
  • Shown to provide effective relief from Contact Dermatitis and Ezcema
  • Ideal for Nurses, Hairdressers, Cleaners, Engineers, Gardeners etc
  • Free all animal products and derivatives
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When you have a job where you must wear gloves to protect your hands from chemicals, when you are gardening or even handling money, your hands might get a cracked, dry feel to them. You might be allergic to latex and are unable to wear gloves at your job because they can cause itchy and irritated skin.

Gloves in a Bottle is a revolutionary new product that eliminates the need to wear gloves and the lotion acts as a protective barrier on its own. You know it’s impossible to complete some tasks without wearing gloves, and this includes certain types of cooking. The problem arises when you simply can’t wear these protective coverings at all. Gloves in a Bottle will help protect your hands and keep a barrier between you and any irritant without the need to wear gloves.

Not a Regular Lotion

The typical hand lotion moisturises the skin and leaves it silky and smooth. Gloves in a Bottle does more than that. The lotion actually bonds with the outer layer of your skin and forms a thin barrier around your hands much like an invisible pair of gloves. Constantly placing your hands in water, as with chefs or hairdressers, handling money the way cashiers do, or exposed to harsh chemicals like construction workers and factory workers is hard on your skin. Gloves in a Bottle seals out these problems and allows your body’s natural barrier to restore itself.

Gloves In A Bottle – Lasts for Hours

It doesn’t take a lot to work either. Simply use a pea-sized drop of Gloves in a Bottle and have up to four hours of protection. The lotion does not wash off and will eventually dissipate naturally as your skin exfoliates. To get the best amount of protection possible, re-apply every four hours or when you know you need a fix-up.

Gloves in a Bottle is clinically proven to keep your hands safe and free of chemicals that can harm your skin. It helps prevent reactions of certain irritants and chemicals and there is no sticky feeling once you apply it. It is virtually undetectable once applied, leaving you free to complete your work unhindered. For those who don’t like scents, the lotion is completely un-scented and it’s hypoallergenic and lanolin free.

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