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You can’t simply stay indoors throughout the entire freezing cold winter. Life doesn’t stop when temperatures drop, so you have to face the elements sometime. While you can take steps to protect your skin from the effects of cold, dry air, it’s common to develop skin care problems during the winter months. When those symptoms of irritation arise, Snowfire Chilblains & Chapped Skin Ointment Stick can provide you with relief from discomfort and help your skin recover.

An Effective Solution for Winter Skin

Snowfire Chilblains & Chapped Skin Ointment Stick is a convenient topical product for addressing a variety of skin care conditions that arise during the winter months. If you suffer from chilblains or pernio, the ointment can help to soothe blisters and diminish redness on the hands and feet. The formula is also effective at softening rough skin and soothing itchiness associated with winter dryness. When your skin is wind-burned, chapped from the cold or so dry that it has become cracked, the ointment supports healing while soothing the throbbing pain and itching that can make it hard to focus on your day.

How Snowfire Works

What makes Snowfire Chilblains & Chapped Skin Ointment Stick so effective is its unique blend of ingredients. The ointment acts as an emollient, a type of skin moisturiser that instantly increases the amount of moisture present in the skin tissue to ease symptoms of dehydration. Paraffin and petrolatum are also present in the formula. These moisturizing occlusives create a protective seal over the skin that locks in hydration. As a result, dryness is less likely to develop and already dry and irritated skin can recover at a faster pace. Along with its moisturizing ingredients, the formula contains a number of essential oils that have the ability to reduce inflammation.

So Easy to Apply

One of the best things about Snowfire Chilblains & Chapped Skin Ointment Stick is that it’s not a hassle to use. Instead of a messy tube, jar or bottle, the ointment is a solid stick, so you can simply rub a little on to any spot on your body that requires the moisturizing, protective and soothing benefits of the formula. You can then simply rub it into your skin with fingertips, wash your hands and forget. Alternately, you can apply the ointment to a self-adhesive bandage or gauze and then cover the affected area, pressing down once the dressing is in place to ensure that the ointment transfers.

Premium Quality Formula

Snowfire Chilblains & Chapped Skin Ointment Stick is a winter skin relief product of the absolute finest quality. The ointment carries CE approvals as a testament to its effectiveness and safety, and it is sold through a number of top pharmacies. One thing to keep in mind about the ointment is that its natural essential oils do have a very strong smell. You may want to use the ointment before bed because of this; however. Some people find the scent to be appealing and suitable for day as well.

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    Christopher Rose (verified owner)

    Excellent value and very quick service. Highly recommended.

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    Just what I wanted and it arrived very promptly

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    First Class Service

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent service

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    John Adams (verified owner)

    Very good delivery and product excellent. Cracked finger ends fixed in a couple of days.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service.

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    Quick and easy to order and speedy delivery. Thanks

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