Etymotic Research ER20 Musicians Earplugs


  • Replicates the ear’s natural response
  • Sound quality is preserved
  • Speech is clear, not muffled
  • Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies
  • Perfect for Musicians
  • Come complete with Carry Case
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Studies have shown that being exposed to loud noises for long periods of time and frequently can cause long-term health issues such as tinnitus (a chronic hearing issue). Sometimes people who suffer from hearing issues work in noisy environments, but there are just as many people who suffer from it because of being reckless. Regardless, it’s important to take the right precautions to make sure your hearing remains un-impaired.

With these ER20 earplugs, you can be assured that your ears are protected. All noise around you will be significantly reduced to a safe level without distorting the sound. The purpose of these earplugs is to make sure that sound travels through them without the sound being changed, and coming out the other side a lot quieter than before.

What it is About ER20 Earplugs That We Like

There are several different reasons as to why these earplugs impress us. Above all, the main reason that we really like them and highly recommend using them is that unlike other earplugs, when using these the sound remains unchanged although you will hear it at a much quieter level. This is great for a range of reasons. Rather than completely blocking out noise around you or distorting what you hear, you are able to hear everything that is going on around you, no matter how loud it is, and make sure that your ears remain undamaged.

Another reason for us liking these earplugs is that they are incredibly comfortable to wear. This allows you to wear them for as long as you need to without your ears getting achy or becoming itchy.

A lot of our customers purchase these earplugs to use while they are at car racing venues, shooting guns at a shooting range, or even just for when they go out to clubs. There are even a lot of people who purchase these earplugs regularly for their work and consider them a part of their everyday gear.

5 Reasons That ER20 Earplugs Are a Must Have

  • The NNR (Noise Reduction Rating) for these earplugs is 20 decibels, ensuring that your hearing is protected.
  • Although the noise is reduced by a lot, the sounds which you hear remain crystal clear. Think of them as a way of turning down the volume switch for the world!
  • You don’t have purchase hundreds of earplugs each year as these are reusable and are easy to clean.
  • These earplugs are incredibly comfortable so that when you’re wearing them, your ears don’t become irritated and you can wear them for long periods of time.
  • You are given a small case to keep these earplugs in so that you can take them with you wherever you go. You are also given a neck cord so that if you want to, you can hang them around your neck.

Using the ER20 Earplugs

To insert these earplugs into your ear, simply hold onto the stem of the earplug, insert it into your ear, and continue to slowly insert it until the it is sealed at your ear canal’s entrance.

In order to make sure that the earplug is in properly and that you get the most out of it, we suggest adding a small drop of water to the end of the earplug (just enough so that it is slightly moistened), grabbing the top of your ear and pulling it upwards and outwards, and slowly inserting the earplug.

When you’re taking it out, slowly pull out the earplug while twisting it.

Customer Reviews of the Etymotic Research ER20 Earplugs

“When I put these into my ears it was quite literally like turning the volume of the world down. The sound wasn’t distorted like other earplugs and I was able to get on with my day without having to worry about my ears ringing later on.”

“If you’re a musician or you’re at concerts regularly, I can’t recommend these enough. Amazing.”

“I bought these for when I go out to concerts, they’re great. They’re comfy and definitely worth the money.”

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