Natural Coffee Soap Scrub


  • Handmade, natural soap
  • Made in the UK
  • Contains no SLS or parabens
  • For for gentle exfoliating and skin firming
  • Minimum Weight: 100g
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarians / vegans

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Our handmade organic Coffee Soap Scrub is 100% Natural and Chemical Free. Use it for gentle exfoliating, firming and skin rejuvenation. Enriched with Shea Butter, making it just that bit more luxurious to use!

This scrub can help with many skin conditions. Looking to banish cellulite, then try this scrub. Is dry and rough skin a problem? This Coffee Soap Scrub can help!

Coffee is packed full of antioxidants. These help to work against free radicals in your skin cells and counteract the appearance of damage to your skin. Caffeine can help to firm and tighten your complexion.

The unprocessed coconut oil in this scrub acts as a skin nutrient, gently being absorbed by the skin. Finally, we have used Olive Pomace Oil in this scrub as it is packed-full of omega fatty acids which help to rejuvenate tired skin.

Each of these bars is handmade in the UK. Because they are manufactured in small batches by hand, no two bars look the same!

Suitable for sensitive skin as our soap does not contain any synthetic colourants or scents.

DISCLAIMER: Our medicated soaps are provided as topical treatments to help ease certain skin conditions. They are not designed to replace the services of a professional doctor. Please contact your dermatologist if symptoms persist.

Zoom Health works to ensure all of the products we offer are safe and that they comply with the appropriate regulations. All handmade soap products on this website have been cosmetic safety assessed by a Chartered Chemist.

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