Zita West Vitamen – 30 Capsules


  • Vital for reproductive health
  • Vital for spermatogenesis and sperm motility
  • Vital for healthy cell division and integrity of DNA
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • One a day, 30 capsules
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When you combine vitamins and minerals, you get Vitamen, which is needed for healthy sperm. Conveniently packed in a one-a-day capsule that is simple and easy to remember. The innovative composition is the end result of several years of practical experience in assisting several thousand men to get into the very best nutritional shape before conception.

According to scientific studies, Selenium and Zinc are important for healthy spermatogenesis and sperm motility and both are included in Vitamen. Sperm has a high concentration of zinc, which is a vital building-block for its tail and outer-layer. Many other micro-nutrients are also included in the new formulation which is vital for sperm health like Vitamin D (critical for healthy cell division), Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 (supportive of men’s immune system).

Also included in the Vitamen formulation are naturally potent antioxidants, like Vitamins E and C, each contribute to safeguarding paternal DNA from oxidative deterioration. It naturally follows that well-nourished parents are likely to create healthy little ones. In addition, healthy babies, usually, develop into healthy kids and adults.

A great deal of importance is provided to the significance of a woman’s overall health and dietary condition before and throughout the pregnancy. However, the man performs an equally critical function at conception. The formation of a healthy baby demands not only a healthy egg, but also a great number of correctly made mobile sperm. During the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of males with reduced sperm counts. Current scientific studies imply that 25% of couples are slower than the standard to get pregnant, the cause, in about 40% of instances, are due to the man. Further studies have found that as much as 80% of birth disorders are due to faulty male sperm. But don’t be concerned – there is certainly a great deal you can do by making simple adjustments in diet and lifestyle.

Substandard sperm health, be it a low count, bad motility or malformations, could usually be enhanced by optimizing the father’s all-around health and dietary condition. However, it is wise to begin this procedure immediately. It takes 10 weeks for sperm to develop enough to get out of the body, therefore preparing for a pregnancy really should begin a minimum of 4 months prior to conception. Which means quitting smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption and social/recreational drugs, screening for genito-urinary problems, staying away from hot baths and snug clothes, consuming a nutritionally balanced diet and taking dietary supplements, if required, to help correct nutritional fluctuations. Consuming lots of water is essential – a minimum of 2L daily. Water is a significant part of sperm, therefore an excellent and frequent amount is essential in its formation.


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