Anti Sickness Travel Wristbands

Travel Sickness Wristbands (Pack of 2)


  • Prevent travel sickness using your body’s natural pressure points
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Drug and chemical free
  • Full instructions for use included

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These Travel Wristbands from Globetrek provide natural, drug-free relief from nausea caused by air sickness, car sickness, sea sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy, post-operative recovery, and many other causes. Don’t let motion sickness ruin your journeys!

Suitable for both adults and children, these wristbands are washable and reusable. They are comfortable to wear and very discreet, so you will be happy wearing them anywhere.

Both wristbands bands must be worn to be effective. Full instructions for use included. Made from elasticated polyester and supplied in presentation packaging.

Suitable for children and adults.

Travel Sickness Wristbands Work

These Travel Sickness Wristbands work by using acupressure. Simply put a band on each wrist before you start your journey, or after the journey has begun.
The bands takes between two and 5 minutes to start working. Remember though, an improved performance is achieved if the band is in place before the journey commences.

If You Carry Them In Your Bag, You Are Always Ready!

These wristbands offer inexpensive & safe insurance against Sea Sickness, Motion Sickness & Potential Nausea.

Immediate Relief! – No Drugs, No Side Effects

No Drugs, No Side Effects – Simple, Safe & Natural Acupressure Technology Proven Effective


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