Scholl Expert Care Hard Skin Foot Cream 75ml


  • Instantly boosts moisture levels
  • Softens very dry and rough skin
  • Prevents hard skin build up
  • Contains 5 percent UVIT complex
  • Clinically proven

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The skin on your feet is unique and up to 20 x thicker than the rest of your skin. It therefore needs expert care to deliver targeted moisturisation. Discover Scholl’s Expert Care Hard Skin Foot Cream, designed to care for the unique characteristics of the skin on your feet. Containing natural moisturising ingredients like 5% Urea, Vitamin E & Provitamin B5 Complex Scholl’s special PediCream blend. It instantly hydrates, is long-lasting, delivers targeted moisturisation, which prevents hard-skin build up.

More Information

Why not stay two steps ahead of hard skin for longer lasting smoothness. First- remove hard skin with Scholl’s easy-to-use Electronic Foot File. Then apply Scholl’s Expert Care hard skin foot cream. Suitable for dry skin, providing healthier looking skin, day after day with regular use.

Instantly: boosts moisture levels to soften very dry and rough skin.
Long-lasting: with regular use, skin remains smooth and protected.

For healthy-looking hydrated feet, use with Scholl Electronic Foot File as part of your foot care routine. This routine is clinically proven to give softer & smoother feet for longer. Fast-absorbing.

Preparation and Usage

How to Use: Apply as required to clean dry feet, gently massaging into the skin

Four Steps to Healthier Feet

Step 1: Remove hard skin

Remove hard skin thoroughly with the easy-to-use Expert Care hard skin Electronic Foot File (available in Pink, Blue and Summery colours)

Step 2: Apply Cream

Once hard skin is removed, your feet are prepared for the application of moisturisers. For great results, try one of the Scholl Expert Care foot creams or dry foot mask for smoother, softer feet. Choose from Scholl Expert Care Hard Skin Foot Cream or Scholl Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Cream.

Scholl Foot Care Part 3

Step 3: Longer Lasting Smoothness

Enjoy longer lasting smooth feet. The Expert Care Foot Care Routine provides results

Scholl Foot Care Part 4

Step 4: Discover The Expert Care Range

Discover our Expert Care product range and combine the products that suit you best.

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