Lancing Device with AST (Alternative Site Test) Cap


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The lancets and lancing device are designed to allow you to obtain a small sample of blood that you can use to test your glucose or cholesterol levels. The lancing device comes with an Alternative Site Cap that makes it easy to obtain blood samples from areas other than your fingertips, such as your palm or forearm.

Benefits of this Lancing Device

Obtaining blood samples can be painful, especially when it must be done frequently. The lancing device makes the process as easy as possible, and minimises pain. The comfort tip has 5 levels of penetration to allow you to obtain the amount of blood needed with as little pain as possible.


The Alternative Site Cap also allows you to obtain blood from areas other than the fingertip, such as your arm or the palm of your hand. These areas have fewer nerve endings, making it less painful to obtain blood than from your fingertips. The Alternative Site Cap also has multiple skin penetration options to let you get an adequate blood sample with minimal discomfort. In some cases, alternate site testing may even be more accurate, such as if you haven’t eaten, taken medication, or exercised in the past two hours or longer.


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