EcoCare Vaginal pH Test Swabs


Vaginal pH-Cotton Swabs for determination of vaginal acidity (the pH-value)

Cotton sticks made of paperboard and pure cotton make the self-determination of the pH-value very comfortable and easy. Regular inspection of the vaginal acidity can identify early stage infection and can be specifically treated.

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By measuring the pH value just above the vaginal opening, other disturbances of the vaginal balance can easily be detec­ted. Regular inspection of vaginal acidity using EcoCare Vaginal pH Tests can help identify early stage infection or vaginal milieu imbalances.

Product features:

  • Maintain vaginal health during pregnancy and decrease the risk of premature birth
  • Also recommended for women that are not pregnant
  • General early detection of disturbances of the vaginal flora
  • Through regular self-testing of the vaginal pH value, expectant mothers can reduce this risk
  • Diagnose bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and fungal infection


Maintain vaginal health during pregnancy 
Decrease the risk of premature birth

An estimated 9 million visits to GP’s each year are due to vaginal discharge, irritation or discomfort. Many women continue with discomfort hoping the problem will go away. Immediate and effective treatment can be obtained from a local pharmacy or doctor based on the test results.

Why do I need this test?

The test is for women who sense their vaginal discharge is abnormal.

Indications for Use

This product should be used to indicate whether an abnormal vaginal discharge is caused by bacterial, parasitic infections or yeast infection. The Vianalyse test determines whether there is a high or a low risk of bacterial or parasitic infections by indicating disordered acidity parameters.

The test can be performed under 3 different circumstances:

  1. Before any visit to the doctor due to abnormal discharge, to provide first-step information to your doctor.
  2. Before trying an OTC (Over The Counter) self-treatment, to check whether consulting a doctor is essential.
  3. Before and after using a prescribed treatment for candida or thrush (yeast infection), to be sure that Candida is the only cause for your abnormal discharge.

General Early Detection of Disturbances of the Vaginal Flora

By measuring the pH value just above the vaginal opening, other disturbances of the vaginal balance can easily be detec­ted. If the woman herself, even if she is not pregnant, regularly inspects vaginal acidity using EcoCare™ ph-cotton sticks, early stage infection or vaginal milieu imbalances can be identified and specifically treated.
Approximately 20% of all women who consult a gynecologist suffer from a vaginal infection with varying symptoms such as

– itching
– burning
– dryness
– increased discharge and/or
– fishy odor.

Medical examination of the vaginal content

Due to the cotton content of the pH-cotton stick, a specimen of the vaginal discharge is always taken which can be applied to a glass slide. By means of native microscopy the specimen can be investigated for signs of infection, cells and pathogens. With this method the doctor can easily diagnose bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and fungal infection.

Test Instructions

1. Wash your hands before beginning the test.
2. Take one pH-cotton stick out of the foil.
3. Do not touch the indicator with your fingers and make sure that it does not come into contact with liquids.
4. Hold the pH-cotton stick at the end of the stick between your thumb and index finger. (see Fig. 1)

5. Gently insert the EcoCare™ pH-cotton stick 2-3 cm into the vagina, as if you would use a tampon. (see Fig. 2)

6. Gently rotate the pH-cotton swab to ensure that the indi­cator layer comes into contact with the vaginal wall and/or vaginal content
7. The indicator changes color according to the acidity.
8. Read the result immediately after extracting the pH-cotton stick. Compare the color of the indicator with the color scale. (see Fig. 3)

9. Vaginal pH values up to 4.5 are within the normal/healthy range.
Regular Tests

It is recommended to perform the test regularly, once or twice a week. Record the test values and the date in the table below to present them to the gynecologist, if necessary.

Important Information

If the pH value is not in the normal range on a single test, there is not yet any reason to worry. In this case repeat the test several hours later or the next day. If the ph value is still not in the normal range, you should consult your doctor without delay so that the cause of the elevated pH value can be determined.

The vaginal pH-cotton sticks can only be used to determine the pH value, but not to detect an infection. A normal pH value cannot exclude an infection to 100%. If you should have symptoms despite a normal pH value, please consult your doctor.

The vaginal pH-cotton stick is for one-time use only.


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