Hair, Skin & Nail Supplements

Vitamins and supplements can help you to enjoy healthy hair, skin and nails when used in combination with a balanced diet. At times, when your body needs extra support, natural supplements can be even mor useful For example, you can choose to boost your skin’s health after a summer holiday or you might want to restore your hair after too much dying or bleaching.

In this section you will find a wide range of natural products that will provide support for your hair, skin and nails. Some are multi-tasking supplements to support all three areas, whilst others are supplements which can be taken for specific needs.

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Feed you hair from within! Our specially chosen supplements for hair can help improve the health of your hair whilst automatically improving your general nutritional balance at the same time!

Take Zinc if you are looking to promote hair growth.  If your diet is lacking Zinc it can also be a cause of greying hair. Iron and vitamin D are also important in maintaining healthy looking locks.  Shine and volume of your hair can also be helped by incorporating B vitamins into your diet.