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Expert nutrition for mother and baby

A scientific formula of 19 vital vitamins and minerals is used to make Pregnacare prenatal supplement, which includes 10mcg vitamin D and 400mcg folic acid, which are recommended by the UK Department of Health throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnacare was specifically developed so that every ingredient is within safety levels for pregnancy and are on the safe side instead of being excessive.

Recommended level of folic acid & vitamin D

The UK Department of Health suggests that women who are thinking about becoming pregnant should take a supplement with 400mcg of folic acid from the trying to conceive stage to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. This is the amount of folic acid included in Pregnacare.

Folic Acid is also useful past 12 weeks since it helps with the growth of maternal tissue throughout pregnancy.

Not just folic acid alone – also includes B12 and key minerals

A number of studies have shown how important it is to take the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, all the way through pregnancy as well as part of aftercare plan. Pregnacare offers a selection of nutrients for general support, at levels that are sensible and balanced carefully, including B2, B6 and B12 which help the formation of normal red blood cells.

Pregnacare does not have high doses of iron

Contrary to most other prenatal iron supplements, Pregnacare was developed with optimal, moderate iron levels. Healthcare professionals do not recommend high levels of iron during pregnancy.

Before conception

In order to build up nutrients like iron before having a baby, it is suggested that Pregnacare is taken before conception. To prepare for the extra demand placed on a woman’s body during pregnancy, good nutrition is vital. From the moment of conception, nutrients like vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc are very important. Zinc helps with normal reproduction and fertility while vitamin B12 helps with the formation of normal red blood and is also helpful in the cell division process.

Throughout pregnancy

The intake of good nutrition is important all the way through pregnancy, not only the first 12 weeks. Pregnacare offers essential nutrients throughout the pregnancy, including folic acid which helps with the normal formation of blood and is useful all through the pregnancy. Pregnacare can be taken at any time during the pregnancy.


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