News about Sleep from Zoom Health – 1st April 2022

Sleep is important. On average, each of us spends 26 years sleeping in our lifetime, which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. Getting to sleep also takes some time. We spend on average 7 years trying to get to nod off!

Because sleep is so important to us, Zoom Health publishes a weekly summary of the best news stories about sleep from around the web. If you want to find out what is happening in the world of sleep, you have come to the right place.

Here at Zoom Health we are trying to do our little bit too, which is why you will find that we offer the widest range of earplugs for sleeping on the planet!

In the news this week:

You might be using melatonin all wrong. Here’s what you should know
More people are using melatonin and taking larger doses, research suggests. But some experts say taking melatonin incorrectly could make sleep worse | The Washington Post, USA

Can a good night’s sleep help you to avoid or cure a hangover after you’ve been drinking alcohol?
Does sleep cure hangovers? Why a lie in might not help sickness | Stylist, UK

Here’s why ‘sleeping on it’ is good for your health
Sleep can influence our response to emotional situations and help us to manage our mental health | RTE, Ireland

Do TikTok Sleep Hacks Actually Work? Here’s What The Sleep Experts Say
We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Yet, according to a 2022 study titled the State of Sleep in America, nearly 84 million U.S. adults struggle to get quality sleep.| Forbes, USA

Nutrition and Sleep: The Best and Worst Foods for Quality Rest
The foods you eat throughout the day can have a large impact on your quality of sleep. Here are tips from a nutrition expert on how to eat for better sleep | CNET, USA

5 Tips To Help You Sleep If Your Partner Is A Chronic Fidgeter 
Manage worries around lack of sleep. “If your partner’s chronic fidgeting is keeping you awake, you’ll probably begin to develop anxiety around having trouble falling asleep| HuffPost, UK

I’m a sleep expert and here’s the EXACT time you should go to bed to wake up feeling great
Waking up feeling well rested can feel like a distant dream.Even if you’re getting enough sleep you can feel exhausted for what for what feels like no reason. | The Sun, UK

The counterproductive promise of a ‘sleep goal’ 
“What are your sleep goals and how are you trying to achieve them?” It’s the central question posed by sleep-tracking devices and relaxation apps, and it might seem innocuous and well-intentioned enough | The Week, USA

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