Medicool Daily Diabetic Travel Organiser Plus


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The Medicool Daily Diabetic Travel Organiser has been designed to help people battling diabetes keep a track of their supplies and progress.

The main purpose of this organiser is to make things easy and convenient for you. For this, it comes equipped with the following features.

  • The organiser is compact with the dimensions 17.8cm (L) x 10.15cm (W) x 5cm (H).
  • Weighs 307 grams and is therefore the perfect travel partner. It keeps your insulin cool for a period of 12 hours at the most.*
  • Has a padded protective pockets as well as secure storage pockets for supplies and insulin pens.
  • Comes with one re-freezable gel pack. More gel packs can be ordered as required.

*the time duration is dictated by external factors such as temperature, humidity, exposure to air etc. The user is responsible for ensuring that the medication is kept cold enough and the Syringa UK Ltd is not liable.


  • It is recommended that the user freezes the gel pack prior to usage.
  • Keeping the medicine bags closed when they are not required is important to keep the medicine safe and fresh for a longer period.
  • Also, take extra care to avoid contact between medication and the frozen gel pack. Do not drop the cold packs when frozen.
  • Kindly carry your prescription and a letter from your GP highlighting your medicinal details with you.
  • As an extra step of caution, you can get the transcription translated to the local language of your destination in order to ensure a safe process in case you were in need of assistance while away.
  • Do enquire with the airlines about the process of carrying frozen medical bags and/or cooling devices.

**The equipment and medication shown in the photos are for illustrative purposes only.


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