40 Ovulation Tests & 10 Pregnancy Tests

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  • 40 Zoom Baby Ovulation Test Strips
  • 10 Zoom Baby Pregnancy Test Strips
  • 99% Accurate
  • CE and FDA Approved
  • As used by the NHS
  • Note: Packaging may vary
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By Identifying Your LH Surge, You Can Accurately Predict Ovulation

When you’re trying to conceive it’s critical that you’re able to pinpoint your ovulation date, which is the most fertile time of your monthly cycle. This is the day in your cycle when the egg is released, and the reason it’s so important to know this date is because fertilisation can only occur between 6 and 24 hours after ovulation. So, you can see that being able to accurately identify your ovulation date is paramount to conceiving.

Save BIG when purchasing multiple ovulation and pregnancy test strips.

Ovulation and pregnancy test strips are included in this one convenient and affordable trying-to-conceive value pack.

Are you trying to conceive? Then you need to get both pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. One test alone won’t do the job. You will also need:

  • the most precise ovulation test strips offered
  • the most reliable pregnancy test strips on the market
  • the earliest pregnancy test strips around
  • the convenience to check as many times as you need to without spending too much money

You will need multiple tests when monitoring for ovulation. Women typically use anywhere from 10-15 ovulation tests monthly. You are also excited to see a positive pregnancy test, so you will also need multiple pregnancy tests too. With our trying-to-conceive packs, you get great value for your money.

If you were to purchase the tests separately, you would be paying 20% more. Here’s what you get in each trying-to-conceive pack:

  • 40 x Zoom Baby Ovulation Test Strips
  • 10 x Zoom Baby Pregnancy Test Strips

The Zoom Baby Pregnancy Test Strips and the Zoom Baby Ovulation Test Strips have an accuracy rate of over 99% and are the same ones used in health facilities like fertility clinics. When trying-to-conceivethis value pack saves you money for 1-2 month’s worth of tests.

Precisely detect your LH rise to forecast ovulation with Zoom Baby Ovulation Test Strips

Identifying your ovulation date, the date in your monthly cycle when the egg is discharged, is very important if you are attempting to get pregnant. Why is this? Due to the fact fertilization will only happen within 6 to 24 hours once you ovulate. Because of this, accurately pinpointing the date of your ovulation needs to be a priority for your trying-to-conceive “to do” checklist.

A predictable way for forecasting ovulation is the ovulation test strip — a urine-based test that identifies the “LH Surge” in your urine, which is the sharp, quick rise in luteinszing hormone found in your urine right before you start ovulating.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are perfect for those who need to test frequently: simple to operate, very accurate and much less than the price of drugstore kinds. In addition, contrary to the majority of the “internet cheapie” types available in the market, our strips are a bit wider, which makes them simpler to work with and better to read. Additionally, they are FDA Approved and CE Marked.

Our strips are over 99% accurate and are the best on the market!


Start by collecting a urine sample and place the strip in it for a minimum of 5 seconds. Next put it on a flat surface and you will get results in 5 minutes. Follow the instructions that come with the ovulation test strips that come with each order, which include how to read the test results.

The ovulation tests are wrapped in individual foil packages. They come “just manufactured” and expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

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