Mosquito Repellent Bands – 10 Pack in 5 Colours

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  • 10 Pack of Mosquito Repellent Bands
  • 100% Safe and Natural
  • Last for up to 300 hours
  • Contain 100% natural Citronella Oil
  • Can be worn on hand or leg
  • Can also be worn as a hair band
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100% safe mosquito repellent bracelet for men, women and children

Zoom Health mosquito repellent bands offer peace of mind for you and your loved ones when travelling. Put this 10 Pack of Mosquito Repellent Bands in your suitcase before you travel, and you will be well equipped to deal with those pesky mosquitoes when you arrive at your destination!

These 100% natural mosquito repellent bands are superior to similar products as they contain no chemicals. They are infused with 100% natural citronella oil, making them a natural and safe way of warding off mosquitoes whilst protecting you and those you love.

How Do They Work?

Quite simply, in the same way as humans are attracted to each other by pheromones, insects are drawn to you by the chemicals your body releases through breathing and sweating. Carbon Dioxide attracts mosquitoes as well as Lactic and Carboxylic Acids. The 100% natural oils in these bands disrupts these the insects ability to pick up on these chemicals, sending them away from you and keeping you bite-free!

How Can They Be Worn?

These bands can be worn on your hand or leg or even as a hair band and offer long lasting, active protection for up to 300 hours.

Unlike many mosquito repellent bands, these have a double coil makes them more durable. They are also waterproof which means that you do not need to take them off to go into the pool.

What’s In A Pack?

Each pack contains 10 mosquito repellent bands in 5 colours. As each band last for up to 300 hours, this pack should keep you and your family protected for the duration of your holiday.

In stock! Usually ship within 24 hours

We normally keep a good supply of these bands in stock so if you order today, you should get them quickly. Finally, as a small bonus, we include six free sticker patches for your younger ones. These can be worn on clothes of stuck on to luggage, pushchairs and more.

For maximum protection, why not combine these mosquito repellent bands with Jungle Strength Mosquito Repellent.

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