Earplug Assortment Packs

Just like a person’s fingerprints, every pair of ears is different and it isn’t possible to know ahead of time which ear plugs will work for you. This can only be done by trial and error.

The good news is that we offer a variety of assortment packs, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect size earplugs for your ears. Our bestselling earplugs are grouped into assortment packs. This allows you to try different earplug sizes so that you can find the perfect pair. With our popular assortment packs, we know you will find the ones that suit you best.

A combination of silicone, wax and foam earplugs are included in each pack. To get the best from the earplugs, try them at the time and in the environment that you will eventually be using them. It won’t be effective to use them during the day time if you plan on using them next to a snorer at night.

We suggest throwing out the ones that didn’t work for you and make note of the ones that did. By doing this, you can easily order the ones that work for you.