3M Peltor

3M Peltor Hearing Protection Products are some of the most recognised on the market and are designed to provide protection, comfort and ease of use. Choose from their range of award winning earplugs and ear defenders.

At Zoom Health we were one of the first companies to offer 3M Peltor Earplugs in the UK.

In the field of ear defenders, 3M Peltor is a world leader. Their ear muffs provide the best ear protection that you need to wear at work or in noisy environments such as drilling, shooting, hunting. They also have a kids range, helping to protect the ears of young children from damaging noise and sounds.

Peltor No-Touch Earplugs are a customer favourite. Available in both corded and non-corded versions, they have a tapered shape for a good ear canal seal. To fit, just grab a stem and insert.

Peltor Tri-Flange Corded Ear Plugs are also a popular choice. These earplugs have triple flanges that adapt to the shape of the ear to form multiple seals against noise.