Wellman 50+ – 30 Tablets

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Wellman 50+ is a complete nutritional formulation featuring over 30 nutrients created to protect the specific dietary requirements of men 50 years and over, from Wellman, the UK’s leading men’s health supplement brand .

The tablets are perfect for men over 50 who lead an active lifestyle and unlike a regular multivitamin they include specific bio-active nutrients which aid in the maintenance of health and vitality specifically for men’s health, including iron, which minimises fatigue and tiredness.

Active Lifestyle and Immune System Support

You don’t need to change your lifestyle because you are getting older and you should continue to enjoy all the activities you love. Wellman 50+ includes B6 and B12 vitamins, copper and iron, which help with the regular release of energy. Exercise is vital as you get older. Studies indicate that there are many health benefits of exercise and older adults can benefit greatly by keeping physically active.

Zinc, selenium along with vitamins D, C, A, B6 and B12 are also included in the formula as they help to maintain the regular functions of the immune system which is critical as you get older.

Normal Vision

Being one of the most complex organs, it is critical that you take care of them as you age. Exposure to smoke, pollution and sunlight over the years can result in damage to the lens and the retina. Wellman 50+ includes vitamin E and C which help to safeguard the cells from oxidative stress. Zinc is also included and this helps with the maintenance of normal vision.

Heart and Circulation

Vitamin B1 is included in Wellman 50+ and it helps with normal heart function. Also included is a blend of folic acid and vitamins B12 and B6 which help with normal homocysteine metabolism as well as the formation of normal red blood cells. Vitamin C is also part of the formula and it helps iron to be absorbed more efficiently. This is vital, particularly with vegetarian diets because iron helps with regular red blood cells formation, hemoglobin and oxygen distribution throughout the body.

Male Health

Vitamin B6 helps with the hormonal activity regulation and is included in Wellman 50+. The complete formulation also contains zinc, which helps with the upkeep of regular testosterone levels in the blood and regular metabolic function of essential fatty acids.


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