Suresign Midstream Ovulation Tests


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Our Suresign Ovulation Midstream Test works by detecting the amount of Luteinising Hormone (LH) in urine. Luteinising Hormone is associated with ovulation as it is the sudden release of the hormone from the pituitary gland that triggers ovulation to occur. The surge in LH takes place approximately 24 to 36 hours before ovulation and is a positive indication of the best time to conceive. The Suresign Ovulation Test is an accurate kit for home ovulation testing.

  • Easy to use
  • 5 tests provided
  • 99% accurate

How to Use the Suresign Ovulation Midstream Test

  1. Open the sealed pouch and remove the test.
  2. Remove the Cap
  3. Holding the test by the thumb grip, point the tip down so that the absorbent tip is in the urine stream, and keep it there for about 2-3 seconds. Ensure that the urine does not come into contact with the Result window.
  4. Replace the lid and place on a dry, flat surface with the results window upwards.
  5. Wait for 10 minutes before reading the test but do not read the result after 15 minutes

How to Read the Ovulation Test Result


Two distinct coloured lines are visible, and the Test Line (T) is the same as or darker than the Control Line (C).

This indicates that the urine sample has been taken within 24-36 hours of the LH surge.


Two coloured lines are visible, but the Test Line (T) is lighter than the Control Line (C), or there is no Test Line (T).

This indicates that the LH surge has not been detected. You should continue daily testing.


Control line fails to appear. The result is invalid if no coloured Control Line (C) appears, even if a Test Line (T) appears.

Insufficient volume of urine or incorrect procedure is the most likely reason for an invalid result. You should repeat with a new test.


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