Detox & Cleanse Capsules – (90 Capsules)


Detox & Cleanse Capsules from Zoom Health offer natural, nutritional support on the occasions when you “spring clean” your body.

An occasional cleansing regime is recommended by many nutritionists. The process of removing harmful waste products from the body can help promote wellbeing and make you feel a lot better! These Detox & Cleanse Capsules can you help you at these times.

A planned detox over short periods of time can help most people feel better, however no one should believe that a detox alone can repair the damage caused by poor dietary practice and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

What’s in Detox & Cleanse Capsules?

  • Contain Konjac & Psyllium Fibre, to absorb toxins and allow them to pass
  • Includes Aloe Vera, to soothe and cleanse the bowel
  • Contains Cranberry, to soothe and cleanse the urinary tract
  • Also contains a cleansing herbs blend, including Sea Buckthorn
  • Probiotics (750 million CFU) to ease wind and bloating
  • Dairy and Gluten Free

How to take Detox & Cleanse Capsules

Take 2 capsules each evening with water

Adjust usage according to tolerance. Do not exceed 2 capsules daily.

Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. This is a food supplement which is not, in itself, a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Not recommended for use if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are taking prescribed medications, seek medical advice before use. Do not use this product if you have abdominal pain or diarrhoea.

INGREDIENTS: Psyllium husk, Cranberry extract (equivalent to 2000mg dried cranberries), Aloe vera extract (equivalent to 1000mg aloe vera juice), Inulin, Konjac fibre, Cleansing herbs blend (Sea Buckthorn, Licorice, Rhubarb, Fennel, Anise, Gentian), Calcium carbonate, Vitamin C (20mg 25% ECRDA). Cellulose, Probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus (750 million CFU), Magnesium stearate, Silica. shell: bovine gelatin, titanium dioxide. Dairy & gluten free.

INGREDIENTS: cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, aloe vera 200:1 extract 30mg, magnesium stearate

Packaging information

The product is packaged in a foil-fresh foil-lined glossy white pouch, which is supplied with a tamper-evident seal and is resealable.

Foil fresh protects the product better from light and temperature variations than any other type of packaging, keeping the product fresh and usable far longer. Packing is airtight & moisture resistant.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and labelled with comprehensive instructions for use, ingredients, traceability data, best before date, European Article Number and contact details for product support, thus meeting all meeting all current UK legislation for natural health products and food supplements.


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