O Positive Blood Type

The O Positive Blood Type is the most commonly found in the UK. Approximately 1 in 3 blood donors have this blood type, 34% of the UK population in total.

O positive is the blood type most commonly requested by hospitals, this is because the blood can be used by 76% of people, as anyone with an Rh positive blood type can receive O positive red blood cells – so that’s A positive, B positive and AB positive as well as O positive.

Knowing Your Blood Type

There are lots of ways to find out your blood type and it is really useful that you it, just in case of emergencies. If you do not know your blood group, you can contact your local doctor’s  surgery or blood donation group to make an appointment and try to find out. (Note: Your doctor may not be willing to give you a blood test when there is no medical need to do carry one out.)

The easiest way to find out your blood group is by taking a test at home. We suggest the eldon blood typing kit for this purpose. As well as being an inexpensive kit, this product also produces results within minutes. Also, you can test at home as soon as the packet from Zoom Health pops through your letterbox, no waiting for days or weeks for a surgery appointment!

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This post was originally published in May 2021.

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