O Negative Blood Type

People that have an O negative blood type are often known as universal donors. This is because their blood is suitable for all types of blood transfusions.

O negative blood is often is great demand from hospitals. It is the blood type that is used most, which can make it in short supply. It is the universal blood type that is used in emergency transfusions and for immune deficient infants.

How rare is O negative blood?

In the UK, around 1 in 7 people have O negative blood, this means that just over 14% of the population have this blood type. Because it is a universal blood type, it is in constant demand and blood donors that have this type of blood are much needed.

O negative blood is the type that is carried by emergency response vehicles and air ambulances for use in emergencies. If you do not already give blood, you should seriously consider doing so.

Knowing Your Blood Type

There are many ways to find out your blood type and it is important that you know. If you do not know your blood group, you can contact your local GP or blood donation service to make an appointment and find out. (Note: A GP may not be able to give you a blood test if there is no medical need to do so.)

Or you can take a home blood type test that will let you know in minutes. We recommend the eldon blood typing kit for this purpose.

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This post was originally published in April 2021.

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