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MAX-1 Foam Earplugs – 10 Pairs

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You already know that continuous exposure to a loud environment can do irreparable harm to your hearing. Loud environments include air shows, concerts, work, home and play. Do you work in a noisy environment such as a factory, airport, concert halls, etc.? If so, then you’re repeatedly being exposed to loud noise.

And, while your ears may not be hurting or ringing when your shift is over, the constant noise on a daily basis is certainly an issue. Over time, the issue will become quite series.

Use Foam Earplugs To Lessen The Exposure

If you want to protect your ears, consider using Howard Leight Max-1 Form Earplugs. They’re very comfortable and can be worn all day without any issues. They’re the best on the market and offer the highest noise reduction rating of any currently sold ear plug. If you’re in an environment where you’re constantly being exposed to loud noise, they are a must!

Why Should You Consider Howard Leight Max-1 Foam Earplugs

Here are seven reasons to consider the Howard Leight Max-1 Foam Earplugs:

  • They offer a 33-decibel noise reduction, the most of any ear plug currently sold on the market. This gives you the best protection from daily and intermittent noise pollution. They allow you to do your job without damage to your hearing.
  • They’re pre-shaped foam early plugs so they can be comfortably worn all day and keeps dirt, dust and other bacteria out of your ears.
  • Howard Leight ear plugs give you the most in-ear comfort, so you’re not bothered by them.
  •  They come in individual poly bags for the best protection and personal hygiene. You don’t have to share or reuse. When one pair is done, use another pair that’s been properly packaged.
  • The earplugs come in coral color, which makes them easy to find. Since they’re easy to spot, you won’t become frustrated when trying to put them on in the dark.
  • The earplugs are so convenient to use – put them in your locker at work, your vehicle, your house or pocket so you can get a pair whenever you need them.
  • Howard Leight earplugs are made of polyurethane foam, which is extremely popular around the world. Since they’re industry standard, they’re sure to work for all users.


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