CanesOasis Cystitis Relief Sachets – 6 Pack

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CanesOasis contains an active ingredient that reduces the acidity of your urine. This reduction of acidity level helps alleviate the stinging and pain that you experience when you urinate. CanesOasis is a two-day remedy which is quick and easy to use – for each dose you simply dissolve the powder from one sachet into a glass of water and drink. It’s available in great-tasting cranberry flavour.

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Cystitis Relief Sachets can help to relieve the discomfort of cystitis. Each sachet works by making the urine less acidic, which can help bring relief from the burning pain associated with the condition.

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by a bladder infection. It is a common type of urinary tract infection (UTI), particularly in women. It can be a real nuisance for many people, as it can be extremely painful and creates an urgent need to urinate frequently.

Over two million women suffer from cystitis every year in the UK. Most women have at least one attack some time during their lives, and many have four or five attacks a year.

Product Details

  • For the relief of the symptoms of cystitis in women
  • Brings relief from the burning pain of cystitis by reducing the acidity of your urine
  • It also helps prevent most infecting bacteria from growing in the bladder and urinary tract
  • Pack contains 6 sachets
  • Each 5.5g sachet contains: Sodium Citrate Dihydrate BP 4.0gm
  • Cranberry flavour
  • For women only – not recommended for men or children.

How to use Cystitis Relief Sachets

  • Pour the contents of one sachet into a glass of water, stir well until granules have dissolved to make a sparkling drink
  • Take the contents of one sachet dissolved in a glass of water 3 times a day for 2 days
  • Pass water as often as you need to – it produces a ‘flushing through’ effect which helps your natural defences
  • Drink lots of water or bland, non-acidic liquids like milk or weak tea.
  • Try to drink around five pints a day during your 48 hour treatment, if possible and suitable


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