A Positive Blood Type

Your blood type is determined by genes inherited from your parents.

In the UK, about 30% of the population has A positive blood. This makes it the second most common blood type after O positive (36%). Blood type distribution by country is not always the same. In Germany for example, the A Positive blood type is the dominant one (37%) ahead of O positive (35%), In norway, nearly 42% of the population have the A Positive blood type.

Knowing Your Blood Type

There are lots of ways to find out your blood type and it is vital that you know, in case of emergencies. If you do not know your blood group, you can contact your local medical surgery or blood donation center to make an appointment and try to find out. (Note: Your doctor may not be willing to give you a blood test when there is no medical need to do carry one out.)

A home blood type test that will let you know your blood type in just a few minutes. We suggest the eldon blood typing kit for this purpose.

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This post was originally published in April 2021.

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