3M Peltor Kid Earmuffs – Pink – 27 dB Ear Protectors


  • Peltor kids hearing protection
  • High visibility PINK colour attracts attention and increases safety
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Replaceable cushions and inserts
  • Reduces noise levels by up to 27dB
  • Also in NEON GREEN
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Because protecting younger ears from loud noises is really important, 3M Peltor have developed a range of earmuffs that are designed specifically for children up to the age of seven years old. If you want your child’s ears to be protected at the next festival or sporting event that you go to, these earmuffs are a great choice.

Looking to create a calmer, quieter environment for your child to study in? These earmuffs will help you to do just that.

As well as looking stylish, these earmuffs are super comfortable to wear. A unique slim cup design means that they don’t get too hot or build up with moisture. They also have removable, soft inserts in the cushion that prevent a build-up of pressure on the ear. Both cushions and inserts are simple to replace when needed to.

The earmuffs are bright pink in colour, which is great if you are taking your child to a busy event such as a festival or concert. The distinctive colour of these ear protectors means that you will always be able to spot your child in the crowd!

3M Peltor Pink Earmuffs offer an average noise reduction of 27dB and are suitable for children up to 7 years of age. They are also available in Neon Green.

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